Jill Stein denies any coordination with the Clinton campaign in election recount efforts

“We want to be a disinterested party here… we’re staying totally neutral,” Stein told Mark Thompson.

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November 29, 2016

Voters fill out their forms at a polling station in the Brooklyn borough of New York, Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016. (AP Photo/Alexander F. Yuan)

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein is currently working to file for a recount of votes in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Stein discussed her efforts with Make it Plain host Mark Thompson on Monday.

“I think this is going to benefit all of us across all political parties and if we find something, we are expanding beyond these three most vulnerable states,” Stein said. “We will expand and ensure that we’re looking on both sides of the political spectrum here if there is evidence that there is something going on.”

Republican President-elect Donald Trump is also questioning the integrity of the 2016 presidential election. Both candidates are using social media and the press to question the election results despite a serious lack of evidence to support any incidents of fraud.

Taking to Twitter, Trump alleged instances of fraud in three different states; Virginia, New Hampshire and California — states won by Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton.

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla called Trump’s accusations “absurd,” adding that Trump’s “reckless tweets are inappropriate and unbecoming of a President-elect.”

However, Stein insisted that filing for recounts was the right move.

As for the Clinton camp, the campaign’s lawyer Marc Elias has responded to mounting public concern over the legitimacy of the election results. In a Medium post, he revealed that they “have quietly taken a number of steps in the last two weeks to rule in or out any possibility of outside interference in the vote tally in these critical battleground states.”

Stein was also quick to dismiss any connection between her recount efforts and those initiated by the Clinton campaign.

“We are not coordinating with the Clinton campaign,” Stein emphasized. “We want to be a disinterested party here. This is not about overturning one candidate and helping another candidate, so we’re staying totally neutral.”

She added, “We’re inviting all campaigns to participate and be observers and ensure this is being done in the best way possible. We are not going to be coordinating with the Clinton campaign. Our lawyers, you know, checked in, but it turns out the Clinton campaign is not really going to be actively involved.”

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Photo Credit: AP Photo/Alexander F. Yuan

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