Isaiah McKenzie’s Perspective on Anthony Richardson and Gardner Minshew

The Colts wide receiver appeared on NFL Radio.

Matthew Fanizza
June 6, 2023

(AP Photo/Matt Durisko)

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie recently made an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio‘s The SiriusXM Blitz, joining hosts Bruce Murray and Kirk Morrison, to provide insights into the Colts’ quarterback situation and share his thoughts on adjusting to new signal-callers.

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When asked about handling the two different quarterbacks competing for the starting role, McKenzie acknowledged the adjustment required. He admitted to being accustomed to playing alongside former Bills teammate Josh Allen and understanding his play style.

McKenzie understands the importance of adapting to the distinct traits of the Colts’ QB room and mentioned the need to acclimate to the different throwing styles, defensive reads, and communication methods. The transition brings about new challenges for McKenzie, who has to establish chemistry with Colts’ quarterbacks.

McKenzie stated, “It’s been a big adjustment. I’m so used to being with Josh [Allen] this whole time, knowing that my quarterback is gonna be Josh Allen every year.” McKenzie continued, “Now, I just gotta get used to [Anthony Richardson and Gardner Minshew], and I just gotta get used to the different balls they throw, the way they read defenses, and the way everything happens for them.”

Regarding Gardner Minshew, McKenzie commended his experience and ability to slow the game down mentally. He pointed out the importance of communication, making checks, and adjusting to different defensive schemes. “He’s a professional. It’s easier to talk to him and understand what he sees and what he’s thinking,” said McKenzie, highlighting his ongoing learning process with Gardner Minshew.

Despite the development which is crucial for Anthony Richardson, McKenzie addressed the quarterback’s professionalism and drew parallels to his experience with Josh Allen’s growth. “[Anthony Richardson] is just a development thing, and I just gotta know what I’m working with when I’m in the game or when I’m in practice,” expressed McKenzie.

Allen’s understanding of coverages, ability to make checks, and effective communication fostered a sense of confidence among his teammates. “The most important thing is just slowing the game down and just looking at everything the best way possible. Help the guys around you understand what you see so they can help you out the best way they can,” explained McKenzie when discussing the key attributes Richardson could learn from Josh Allen’s development.

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