Gloria Allred: No statute of limitations on public opinion

Allred has never been one to back down from a fight.

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March 6, 2018

Lawyer Gloria Allred has never been one to back down from a fight, even the fights that will never see the inside of a courtroom.

“If you want due process in the courts, help us change the law to eliminate those statutes of limitations, those arbitrary time periods so that women can have access to the courts,” Allred told Zerlina Maxwell and Jess McIntosh during a candid conversation on their show Signal Boost (Ch. 127).

“There is no statute of limitations in the court of public opinion. There is no time limit on the exercise of free speech. That can be done anytime. There is a time limit on the assertion of legal rights.”

A new Netflix documentary, Seeing Allred, chronicles Allred’s life and career and captures her success in helping to shift the conversation around sexual assault, the rights of victim’s families, and demanding justice from powerful figures.

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