Your Galentine’s Day Playlist

If you’re not feeling the Valentine’s love, celebrate female friendship with music instead.

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February 13, 2023

Happy Galentine’s Day! Whether you’re having a girls’ night in, getting glammed up for a night out, or just feel like celebrating your friends, today is all about the power of female friendship.

Of course, every celebration needs a soundtrack, so we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite girl power friendship hits. With everything from country to pop to R&B, we’ve got the perfect Galentine’s Day songs for you. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our tribute to female friendships.

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“Hey Girl” by Lady Gaga & Florence Welch

You may know Florence Welch better as Florence + the Machine, the ethereal indie singer of “Dog Days Are Over.” Here, she joins Lady Gaga for a girl-power anthem. With lines like, “We can make it easy if we lift each other,” this 2016 hit challenges the stereotype that female friendships are full of competition. Instead, it highlights how supportive they can be!

“Best Friends” by Missy Elliott & Aaliyah

In this 1997 hit, the narrator’s no-nonsense bestie is sharing her thoughts on the narrator’s relationship, and she’s not holding back. Although “she ain’t showin’ me no sympathy,” she also lets her know that “you can lean on me.” Even if your bestie doesn’t like your partner, you know she still loves you!

“Good Friend and a Glass of Wine” by LeAnn Rimes

This sounds like the perfect evening in if you ask us! This country classic is all about kicking back after a long week with “the kind of therapy money can’t buy” – your best friend. Whether you’re laughing, crying, or just talking about anything and everything, “a little sister time” is sometimes all you need.

“Independent Women, Pt. I” by Destiny’s Child

Question: Is there anything better than independent women singing about their independence? This tune was recorded for the soundtrack to Charlie’s Angels and is a celebration of “all the honeys who making money” — definitely one to blast with your best gal pals!

“Me & My Girls” Selena Gomez

This upbeat 2015 hit is about Selena Gomez and her besties taking a road trip, with Gomez celebrating the fact that “I got my chicas by my side” and they “don’t need a man” to have a good time. Fun fact: The laughter and shouting that can be heard in the background comes from Gomez’s own best friends, bringing a personal touch to the song.

“Wannabe” by Spice Girls

Normally, we wouldn’t encourage a potential partner to “get with my friends,” but this 1996 anthem is really all about the importance of friendship. With an iconic video that features the Girls dancing around a very fancy house, this song has the perfect message to sum up Galentine’s Day — “friendship never ends.”

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