Former NFLer on #MeToo & changing culture of patriarchy

“What does it mean that we have never given boys books to read about girls?”

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April 26, 2018

As the conversation around the #MeToo movement and the subsequent Reckoning continues, SiriusXM ProgressZerlina Maxwell and Jess McIntosh spoke candidly with two former NFL players, Don McPherson and Wade Davis, as well as New York Times best-selling author, Mychal Denzel Smith, about how men are responding to the changing climate.

“I was an idiot before 2010. Real talk,” said Davis. “I was trafficking in patriarchy every day and relishing in it, bathing in it, doing the Dougie in it.”

Davis explained what helped break his ways.

“The only thing that rescued me were books. Because there was no other options, my male friends weren’t talking about patriarchy and all these other things. It wasn’t part of their world.”

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