Dear Lisa Ann, Why fantasy sports, what if you had a ‘do over’, teaching sex education

Each week, Lisa Ann will be answering your burning questions about sex, relationships and her personal life.

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October 13, 2016

Former No. 1 Adult Film Star Lisa Ann has been putting the “fantasy” in SiriusXM’s Fantasy Sports Radio every Monday night at 10 pm ET for awhile now, but she also knows a thing or two about real life. Each week, she’ll be answering your burning questions about sex, relationships and her personal life. This time around, she’s tackling: The difference between Facebook friends vs. real friends, managing her Psoriasis, and the after effects of a career in the adult film industry.

Dear Lisa Ann,

What made you move into the world of Fantasy Sports and what do you like so much about it?

— Why Fantasy?

Dear Why Fantasy?,

It all started when I was doing another show on Sirius on Spice Radio. I was talking too much sports on my show and was referred to meet my now boss at SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. I knew nothing about fantasy sports, but knew a ton about sports. I studied the game, the rules and the format in all fantasy sports and what I fell in love with the most is the new way I watch the games. It’s no longer about following one team; it’s about watching all games and studying the players. Fantasy sports can make the casual viewer into an educated viewer and it forces you to learn layers and layers of it all, from the coaching systems to the play calling to the time each player gets in the game. It entertained me in so many aspects and now when I’m watching a game I’m watching my players, the players up I’m facing in my head-to-head weekly matchups, the weather and the game’s outcome. I pay more attention than ever and find a great satisfaction in making my picks weekly and seeing how it all plays out. It’s a hobby turned obsession and I just love it. You can listen to me talk about it every Monday night on Lisa Ann Does Fantasy on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio (Ch. 87) from 10 p.m.-12 a.m. ET. I just fell in love with it instantly. I play fantasy football, basketball and baseball.

— Lisa Ann

Dear Lisa Ann,

I have watched and listened to you talk sports for a while now and I can’t help but think you would’ve been an amazing sports journalist or broadcaster on the mainstream TV. So I’m asking if you had to do your life all over again would you choose being a porn star or a sports broadcaster?

— Career Choices

Dear Career Choices,

Life is not always about choices you get to make as much as it is about the choices that were made for you. So with my life there was no option for me to go to college. I was out on my own at a young age, started dancing to make money and survive and through that I met some porn stars and followed in their footsteps. Now, if everything was different and I could’ve had any and all choices there is NO way I would have gone into porn as my first choice. Never. If I had the opportunity I would’ve gone to college and would’ve loved to go to school for sports broadcasting. Who knows, maybe I would’ve been a doctor, lawyer or teacher. If there was an opportunity of a “do over” there would be a lot of things I would request to be very different. I’m incredibly proud of my new career with SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio and writing this blog for SiriusXM. It’s more than I ever imagined, so all and all, I think it has worked out just fine!

— Lisa Ann

Dear Lisa Ann,

Is it school’s responsibility to educate youth about safe sex, or it is parent’s responsibility? Or is it a little bit of both? Too often we see youth turning to porn as their first “experience” with sex-ed. is it because youth do not feel comfortable talking about sex in school or to parents that they turn to porn? Does social media, and gender stereotypes play a factor in this?

— Who Should Teach?

Dear Who Should Teach?,

I can answer this question easily, but I don’t have kids. With that said, I spend endless hours lecturing my friends who have kids NOT to wait until things are discussed in school. In my opinion, all information comes easier with a better understanding from a loving parent rather than in a class where they can be easily distracted by their friends and not pay attention to the teacher.

If parents make the time to start the conversation, then when schools’ sex-ed class offers more information, the discussion can continue again at home. I spent some time this week reaching out to discuss the topic of porn on social media. I have friends who have kids who have cell phones and social media accounts and are oblivious about the amount of porn on social media. Times have changed so quickly that the parents of today need to adapt and be ready to start the conversation young and prepare their kids for the things that they will learn in sex-ed class in school. When you mentioned kids turning to porn, that is just because it’s too accessible. All of the tube sites make the porn free which opens access to anyone of any age, no credit card needed. When this is available for young teens, they’re going to be drawn to it and easily become obsessed with it. It’s not healthy the amount of hours they will watch a day. That’s something parents could easily block and or check daily with apps which sites their kids are on all day. This all takes time, parental guidance and commitment. I think the winning combination for well-adjusted teens is to start constant conversation at home and make what they learn in sex-ed class just another point of conversation.

— Lisa Ann