The Dean Obeidallah Show: Do Muslim lives matter in America?!

On my LIVE show Saturday morning we are talking a range of issues from “Flying while Muslim” to “Running for Congress while Muslim” to which presidential candidate do you think will truly keep you and your family safe? -Do Muslim … Continued

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April 1, 2016

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On my LIVE show Saturday morning we are talking a range of issues from “Flying while Muslim” to “Running for Congress while Muslim” to which presidential candidate do you think will truly keep you and your family safe?

-Do Muslim lives matter in America? The answer depends on the person you ask. But obviously to Trump supporter William Celli, Muslim lives mean nothing. Don’t recognize his name? Well that’s because the mainstream media tends to ignore plots to kill Muslims in America but will give wall to wall coverage when a Muslim does anything bad. As I wrote about for The Daily Beast this week, Celli pled guilty last week to making terroristic threats against Muslims after he stood outside a California mosque and screamed: “I’m going to kill you all!” Plus he had posted a photo of a homemade bomb on his Facebook page and threats versus Muslims. Stunningly Celli was only sentenced to 90 days in jail. But Celli is not alone in plotting to Muslim Americans. There’s also people like Glendon Scott Crawford, a Klan member who was convicted in August of plotting to kill Muslims in New York with a weapon of mass destruction but the media all but ignored it. Will it take Muslim Americans being slaughtered before the media finally cares about Muslim lives?

-Senator Harry Reid thinks Muslims shouldn’t run for Congress. Typically it’s Republicans who have been critical of Muslims. But not this time. Senator Harry Reid, one of the top Democrats in the country, told Jesse Sbaih that he couldn’t win a congressional seat and shouldn’t even run simply because Sbaih is Muslim. Sbaih, who is one of Bernie Sander’s most visible supporters in Nevada, will join me to explain why he decided to still run for Congress in Nevada’s 3rd congressional district despite what Reid stated and why he went public with this story.

-Muslim family ejected by pilot for simply being Muslim?!  In what appears to be another episode of “Flying while Muslim,” a Muslim-American family was asked to get off a United Airlines flight on Thursday simply for being Muslim. Eaman-Amy Saad Shebley, her husband and three young children were about to take off on a flight bound for Washington at a Chicago airport when the pilot asked them to get off the aircraft. The pilot refused to give a reason why except to claim it was a “flight safety issue.” Attorney Seema Iyer, Esq. will join me to discuss can a pilot do that and if there any legal recourse for the family if the reason for the ejection is simply race or religion?

Will Donald Trump’s campaign manager be convicted of assaulting reporter Michelle Fields? This week Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was charged with a misdemeanor charge in connection with this incident. If convicted, he can be sentenced to up to a year in prison and be ordered to pay a fine. Former prosecutor and current criminal defense attorney Seema Iyer, Esq. joins me to discuss how likely it is based on the evidence presented to date that Lewandowski will be convicted.

-You are the guest! In this segment, you the SiriusXM listener are my guest.  The topic Saturday is:  Which presidential candidate do you truly believe will keep you and your family safe? On Friday, President Obama hosted a summit on nuclear security. Obama mentioned there that if a terrorist was able to procure just a fistful of plutonium and put it in a bomb, it would kill hundreds of thousands of people. Putting partisan leanings aside, we will discuss which presidential candidate do you think will keep you safe regardless of how they feel about their views on other issues? Trump? Bernie Sanders? Ted Cruz or maybe Hillary Clinton?

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