Navigate holiday shopping, reflect on the 2020 markets & more with Business Radio

Look back and forward as Business Radio (Ch. 132) serves up weeks of holiday-centric programming, including a 2020 economic review, tips for year-end workplace stress, shopping recommendations, and more.

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December 15, 2020

The holidays are right around the corner, which means navigating pandemic restrictions, finding the perfect present, and gearing up for 2021. Business Radio (Ch. 132) is taking on the holiday season with specials to share gift recommendations, tips for managing work-from-home stress, and the economic year in review. Check out all of the specials below, and tune in to Business Radio now.

Shop Women

During Randi Zuckerberg‘s weekly show, Randi Zuckerberg Means Business, the entrepreneur, investor, best-selling author, and Emmy-nominated tech media personality will be highlighting gift recommendations from woman-owned startups. Find the perfect gift for the woman who has everything when the special airs on December 16 at 12pm ET.

Look Back on 2020 Markets

On December 18 at 11am ETWharton Business Daily will deliver a year-in-review of financial markets, with special emphasis on the pandemic’s impact on overall performance (particularly the drop in March), the rally to the Dow 30,000 milestone, and the difference between Wall Street and the real economy. Listeners can also expect to hear projections for 2021 and how things can get better or worse as the year comes to a close.

Startups for the Holiday Season

Not sure what to give the cousin whose name you pulled for the (socially distant) family secret Santa? Business Radio’s home for startup talk, Launch Pad, is dedicating a special to hosts’ favorite startups for holiday giving, including stocking stuffers, holiday cards, travel deals, and more. Get the last of your gifts when the episode airs on December 21 at 5pm ET.

Holiday Stress in the (Virtual) Workplace

If you’ve been having a recurring nightmare about hearing, “Can you see my screen?”, this special is for you. While the pressure of not overdoing it at the open bar may be off the table this year, there’s still plenty of workplace stress to go around as the year winds down. Help Wanted is diving into the effects of holiday stress on work and sharing tips for dealing with the uniquely 2020 experience of Zoom holiday parties on December 22 at 12pm ET.

Holiday Shopping and Cheer

On December 23 at 12pm ET, Randi Zuckerberg is back with even more startup gift recommendations for all of the last-minute shoppers tuning in. The episode will also feature a virtual visit from Cirque du Soleil’s President and CEO, Daniel Lamarre, as the two discuss special holiday season entertainment.

The Business of Holidays

This season is a busy time for most, and the business sector is no exception. Wharton Business Daily will explore the business aspects of the most wonderful time of the year, including everything from travel and food to shipping and the stock market’s traditional Santa Claus rally on Christmas Eve at 10am ET.

The Year in Review

From December 28 through January 1, Business Radio is celebrating the end of a particularly tumultuous year by reflecting on changes across multiple industries. On Monday, Wharton Business Daily will highlight the economy, including unemployment swings, the stimulus package (and lack thereof), business closures, and more. The show shifts its focus to sports on Tuesday, zeroing in on Covid cancellations, bubbles, and beyond. Tech takes center stage on Wednesday as show hosts focus on the explosion of video conferencing, FANG (Facebook, Apple, Netflix, and Google) stocks, Amazon’s takeover of traditional retail, and social media. Lastly, WBD will look at the workplace to review the mindset shift towards traditional work structures and much more. Hear the specials on their respective dates at 10am ET.

Explore the Year in Tech

For her last episode of 2020, Zuckerberg is exploring the changing state of technology and the innovations that got us through the year. Don’t miss her insider takes on emerging tech, telehealth, and other top trends when it airs on December 30 at 12pm ET.