Brett Eldredge celebrates another No. 1 by hunting ghosts at Loretta Lynn’s Plantation with Storme Warren

Brett Eldredge and Storme Warren ventured to Loretta Lynn’s Plantation in Hurricane Mills, Tenn., named one of the top place for paranormal activity in the country.

Caitlin Carter
October 28, 2016

For every No. 1 hit country singer Brett Eldredge achieves, The Highway (Ch. 56) host Storme Warren does something extreme with him. So far they’ve gone skydiving, shark diving and now, in the spirit of Halloween, ghost hunting! The two loaded up on some ghost-hunting gear and adventured to Loretta Lynn’s Plantation in Hurricane Mills, Tenn., which has been consistently been named one of the top places for paranormal activity in the country.

The history of the plantation’s haunting goes back over a century to a woman named Buela M. Anderson, who is said to have cried herself to death shortly after the loss of her baby. After moving to Hurricane Mills in 1966, the Lynn Family heard stories of the Plantation’s haunting, and they, along with the plantation’s visitors, reported experiencing unexplainable phenomena, including strange sounds and the sighting of a woman dressed in white and two Civil War Soldiers.

Take a look at their ghost-hunting adventure and hear the Eldredge hit they’re celebrating: Lose My Mind.

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