Billy Morrison Dives into Music and Art on New Monthly Ozzy’s Boneyard Show, ‘Influenced’

Listen as Billy explores the intersection of art and music over the past few decades.

Matthew Fanizza
July 19, 2023

Music aficionados and art enthusiasts alike, unite! Multi-talented musician and artist Billy Morrison is launching a new show on SiriusXM’s Ozzy’s Boneyard (ch. 38), Influenced, delving deep into the dynamic relationship between art and music.

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Set to premiere tonight, July 19 at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT, Influenced promises to be a captivating one-hour experience, as Morrison takes audiences on a journey through time, exploring how the realms of art and music have been interwoven over the past few decades. This unique exploration will unveil the hidden connections between iconic artists and musicians, unearthing the profound impact unknown bands have had on shaping the sounds of renowned acts.

From the iconic influence of Andy Warhol on the enigmatic Velvet Underground to Banksy’s artistic touch gracing the album cover of Warrior Soul, the creative interplay between art and music will be laid bare. Prepare to be astonished as Morrison unravels the mysteries behind legendary musicians, like Gary Numan, inspiring the birth of Nine Inch Nails, and the UK Subs’ powerful impact on none other than Guns N’ Roses.

But Influenced isn’t just about historical revelations; it also celebrates the contemporary fusion of art and music. Morrison’s keen eye will spotlight present-day collaborations, such as graffiti artist RISK’s awe-inspiring graffiti adorning the streets of LA with none other than Aerosmith band members as his canvas.

For those unable to catch the premiere featuring special guest Kelly “RISK” Graval, Influenced offers multiple rebroadcasts on Friday, July 21st at 12 AM ET, Sunday, July 23rd at 12 PM ET, and Monday, July 24th at 6 AM ET. Additionally, listeners can tune in at any time through the SiriusXM App by searching for “Influenced.”

Billy Morrison Talks with Kelly “RISK” Graval