Hear the surprising way Barbra Streisand discovered the ‘Streisand Method’ and more from her Town Hall

The Barbra Streisand Channel relaunches on SiriusXM Ch. 18 today at 5 pm ET, featuring songs personally selected by Streisand from her five-decade career and a candid Town Hall hosted by Patrick Wilson.

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August 31, 2016

What’s Barbra Streisand’s vocal technique? Just singing her heart out.

The stage and screen icon celebrated the re-launch of SiriusXM’s The Barbra Streisand Channel with a special Town Hall hosted by her Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway collaborator, Patrick Wilson, and she sounded off on everything from her career to politics.

“See, I don’t understand anything intellectual about the voice. Meaning, somebody asked me many years ago, I think I was 18, ‘How do you hold the note so long?’ I said, ‘Because I want to,'” she said as the crowd laughed. “And then some guy came up to me at some party, says, ‘You know, I teach the Streisand Method.’ I swear. I said, ‘What is that, because I’d love you to teach me what the Streisand Method is.'”

Listen to the clips below for more highlights. The Town Hall premieres 9/7 at 5 pm ET on The Barbra Streisand (Ch. 18).

The limited-run Barbra Streisand Channel kicked off 9/6 and runs through 10/4 via satellite on Ch. 18 and through the SiriusXM app on smartphones and other connected devices, as well as online at siriusxm.com.

For more information on Streisand, please visit www.barbrastreisand.com.

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