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Thu, Nov 23 7:00 PM ET Mississippi @ Mississippi State
Fri, Nov 24 11:00 AM ET Baylor @ TCU
Fri, Nov 24 11:00 AM ET Navy @ Houston
Thu, Nov 23 12:30 PM ET Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions
Thu, Nov 23 4:30 PM ET Los Angeles Chargers @ Dallas Cowboys
Thu, Nov 23 8:30 PM ET New York Giants @ Washington Redskins
Wed, Nov 22 6:45 PM ET Brooklyn Nets @ Cleveland Cavaliers
Wed, Nov 22 7:00 PM ET Washington Wizards @ Charlotte Hornets
Wed, Nov 22 7:00 PM ET Los Angeles Clippers @ Atlanta Hawks
Wed, Nov 22 6:30 PM ET Toronto Maple Leafs @ Florida Panthers
Wed, Nov 22 6:35 PM ET Vancouver Canucks @ Pittsburgh Penguins
Wed, Nov 22 6:45 PM ET Calgary Flames @ Columbus Blue Jackets

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