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  • Mike Marrone | email
    Weekdays 6 am - 12 pm ET
    Saturdays 1 pm - 6 pm ET
    Sundays 6 am - 10 am ET
    The Loft's original architect, Mike has a long and storied history at the forefront of new radio. He was one of the pioneers of Alternative Radio, and involved from the very beginning in the development of the AAA format and web radio. He is a fountain of music knowledge and passionate family man.

  • Meg Griffin | emailMondays, Tuesdays 1 pm - 6 pm ET
    Wednesdays 3 am - 6 am; 3 pm - 6 pm ET
    Thursdays 3 pm - 6 pm ET
    Fridays 12 pm - 6 pm ET
    Saturdays 8 pm - midnight ET
    Sundays 3 pm - 6 pm ET

    A bona-fide radio legend and one of a handful of DJs celebrated in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and Museum, "Megless" actually went to school to be a veterinarian, but after getting a gig at a college radio station, she was hooked. 30 years in radio later, we can see her instincts were spot on.

  • Franny Thomas | email
    Weekdays 6 pm - 12 am ET
    Saturdays 12 am - 1 am; 6 pm - 10 pm ET
    Sundays 6 pm - 7 pm ET
    Franny Thomas would like to set the record straight: her first name is spelled with a Y. When not hanging out at The Loft (usually alphabetizing stacks of CDs), she can be found trolling the D.C. area for live music, hiking to the top of mountains and searching for the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

  • Vin Scelsa | email
    Wednesdays, Thursdays 12 pm - 2 pm ET
    Fridays 2 am - 6 am ET
    Sundays 8 pm - 12 am ET
    One of the most respected figures in NYC radio, Vin Scelsa can now be heard live on The Loft, bringing us his free-flowing mix of music, monologues, live performances and interviews with a wide range of guests. Whether he spends the program time with guests – encouraging them to speak on a range of subjects beyond their own projects – or alone in his home studio, going one-on-one with listeners and tapping into his vast personal music library – it is Scelsa's sensibility and eclectic tastes that make his Idiot's Delight a unique radio journey.

  • David Johansen | email
    Wednesdays 12 am - 3 am ET
    Sundays 12 pm - 3 pm ET
    David Johansen, the founder of The New York Dolls, inhabitor of the body of Buster Poindexter, and leader of David Johansen and The Harry Smiths, is also a musicologist. From the jungles of Africa to the Bayou of Louisiana, from Duke Ellington to Phil Spector to Billy Joe Shaver, David's show is all over the musical map. The soul of free form philosophy lives at The Mansion of Fun.

  • Bernie Taupin
    Fridays 12 am - 2 am ET
    Sundays 10 pm - 12 am ET
    As Elton John’s writing partner on such historic albums as Madman Across The Water and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Bernie Taupin has penned some of the most enduring lyrics in modern music. Throughout his childhood in Northern England, he was fascinated by the history and romance of the American West; the Brown Dirt Cowboy now lives on a ranch in central California.