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SiriusXM Town Hall with Jon Hamm
Jon Hamm TH 260

SiriusXM wants to give you and a guest the chance to attend a special invitation-only "Town Hall" event with Jon Hamm, in celebration of the release of his new film Million Dollar Arm.

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SiriusXM Town Hall with Kiefer Sutherland
SiriusXM Town Hall with the Kiefer Sutherland 260

SiriusXM wants to give you and a guest the chance to attend a special invitation-only "Town Hall" event with Kiefer Sutherland, in celebration of 24: Live Another Day.

See Official Rules for complete details

  • EW Morning Live Monday to Friday, 8:00 am - 10:00 am ET

    Entertainment Weekly Magazine Assistant Managing Editor Dalton Ross and Senior Writer Jessica Shaw host a live weekday morning show discussing all things pop culture: movies, TV, music and more. Hosts Dalton and Jessica share their perspectives on what is best (and worst) in daily entertainment options, talk to some of today's biggest stars, and hear from listeners about their latest entertainment obsessions.

  • TV Editors Hour Monday to Friday, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm ET

    Each day, a revolving cast of hosts, including Entertainment Weekly's Jessica Shaw, Henry Goldblatt and Melissa Maerz recap TV shows from the previous night, diving deep into shocking moments and jaw-dropping plot twists—as well as preview upcoming episodes and casting. The live one-hour show features interviews with the stars, creators and writers of TV's most popular series, and listeners are encouraged to call in to voice their opinions and relive unforgettable moments.

  • Editor's Hour Monday to Friday, 2:00 - 3:00 pm ET The editors of Entertainment Weekly are now the most trusted voices on the radio. The Editor's Hour features a weekly show hosted by Entertainment Weekly Editor, Jess Cagle, as well as the magazine and website's movies, music and TV editors, answering questions from listeners, taking them behind-the-scenes of some of the biggest projects in Hollywood, and providing insight into pop culture's biggest trends.

  • News & Notes Monday to Friday, 3:00 - 6:00 pm ET

    Daily, three hour, live show hosted by Mario Correa and Julia Cunningham that keeps listeners updated on the day's entertainment news and the hottest topics in pop culture, including music, movies, books and theater. News & Notes keeps listeners informed on what to watch on TV every evening — and what will last a few days on the DVR.

  • Entertainment Weirdly Mondays at 1:00 pm ETThis is a show hosted by Entertainment Weekly's Clark Collis, Darren Franich and Keith Staskiewicz who want to explore all of the "weird" news and trends in the world of entertainment, including answers to questions such as "does Chewbacca need to wear pants?".

  • Inside Movies with Nicole Sperling Tuesdays at 6 pm ET

    EW senior writer Nicole Sperling interviews the studio executives, directors, and producers from your favorite movies that are out in theaters now

  • Behind the Scenes with Anthony Breznican Wednesdays at 6 pm ETEW senior writer Anthony Breznican takes you behind the scenes of Hollywood’s biggest movies. Each week, Anthony talks to the actors, directors and producers making the movies- bringing you the stories that don’t always end up on the big screen. While taking a look back at those movies and movie trends from the past that you know and love.

  • Women on Pop Thursdays at 1:00 pm ETHosted by three of Entertainment Weekly's female staffers, Melissa Maerz, Jessica Shaw and Sara Vilkomerson, this live weekly show is based on their daily ritual of discussing pop culture from a woman's perspective as friends and colleagues at the magazine.

  • Inside TV Tuesdays at 8:00 pm ETEW's Lynette Rice gives the inside scoop and industry news in the world of TV.

  • Bullseye Tuesdays at 1:00 pm ET

    Hear this live radio counterpart to the popular feature in the magazine hosted by Entertainment Weekly's Tim Stack as he reviews the week's major "hits" and "misses" in pop culture and entertainment.

  • Jess Cagle, Managing EditorJess Cagle is one of the country's most recognizable entertainment journalists. Throughout his career, he has interviewed Hollywood’s biggest celebrities including: Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise, Ben Stiller, Nicole Kidman, Drew Barrymore, Whitney Houston, Paul Newman, Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hanks and Elizabeth Taylor. His frequent television appearances include co-hosting ABC's Academy Awards red carpet pre-show in 2009, 2010 and 2012. He has appeared on the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, 20/20, CBS This Morning, CNN and every major entertainment program.

  • Dalton Ross, Assistant Managing EditorDalton Ross joined Entertainment Weekly in 1999 as a writer for the Television section. On his ascent to Assistant Managing Editor, he has written EW’s “What to Watch,” a day-to-day guide to notable TV programs, “The Hit List” and the back page column "The Glutton." Ross has also served as a TV expert on CBS This Morning, NBC’s TODAY Show, ABC’s Good Morning America, The View, CNBC, MTV, ESPN, VH1, Bravo, AMC, Fox 5 and CBS.com. He is a self-confessed reality TV junkie and he TiVo’s sporting events when he’s not writing.

  • Melissa Maerz, Senior WriterMelissa Maerz joined Entertainment Weekly in June 2011 as a Senior Writer to write features for the TV department and as the lead critic for music. Before joining Entertainment Weekly, Maerz worked at the LA Times, as a senior editor at Rolling Stone and as a senior editor at New York magazine, where she created and launched Vulture.com. She has also written for The New York Times, Spin, Wired, GQ, Nylon and more.

  • Jessica Shaw, Senior WriterJessica Shaw has been covering television, movies and style for Entertainment Weekly since 1993. She writes the “What to Watch” section of the magazine, recommending shows to TV fans each week. She also writes the weekly “Shaw Report” column in which she designates what pop culture is in, what’s five minutes ago and what’s out. Shaw has appeared on NBC’s TODAY, ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, CNN’s American Morning, PrimeTime Live, 20/20, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and countless VH-1 and E! shows.

  • Tanner Stransky, Staff WriterTanner Stransky, a staff editor at Entertainment Weekly, has been covering TV, music, and style for the magazine since joining the staff as an editorial assistant in 2006. He’s written prolifically for both the magazine and website, including a recent cover story on The Good Wife, an exhaustive oral history on Roseanne, memorable profiles on both Ke$ha and the Jonas Brothers, and extensive blogging for EW.com about RuPaul’s Drag Race, Ugly Betty, and Desperate Housewives.

  • Tim Stack, Senior WriterTim Stack, a senior writer at Entertainment Weekly, has been covering TV, film, music, and style for the magazine since 2005. He’s written stories on everyone from Jimmy Fallon to Tyler Perry to cover stories on American Horror Story, Tyra Banks, The Hills, Scream 4, Gossip Girl and Glee.Tim has served as a TV expert on NBC’s TODAY, Extra, Showbiz Tonight, TV Guide Channel, CNN, Inside Edition, VH-1, and more.

  • Lynette RiceLynette Rice is the west coast news editor for Entertainment Weekly, where she has worked since 1999 covering the TV industry. Before that, she covered the medium for The Hollywood Reporter and Broadcasting & Cable.

  • Mario Correa

    Mario Correa is a onetime political aide-turned-writer and pop culture commentator (hey, why not?) Before joining News & Notes, he was co-host with Faith Salie of WNYC’s RelationShow, host and co-executive producer of the WRC-TV/NBC4 pilot PowerHouse, DC Correspondent for PRI’s Fair Game, and a writer on the Animal Planet series Whoa! Sunday with Mo Rocca and the PBS documentary Electoral Dysfunction, among other TV projects. A regular contributor to WNYC’s Soundcheck, Mario has also contributed to NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday, The Hollywood Reporter, The Huffington Post, Us Weekly, The Denver Post and The Washington City Paper, among other outlets. Mario’s play, Tail! Spin!, which starred Rachel Dratch and Mo Rocca, was a 2013 GLAAD Media Awards nominee for Best Off-Off Broadway Theatre. Born in Chile, Mario is a naturalized U.S. citizen (naturally).

  • Julia | emailOriginally from Indiana, Julia can now be found wandering the Lower East Side, East Village and Brooklyn in search of a good live show. Julia keeps you updated on the hottest pop culture and entertainment news as a host for Entertainment Weekly’s segment News & Notes. She also works behind the scenes for SiriusXMU on the award-winning Blog Radio and Sirius XMU Sessions. Find her on Twitter @juliasiriusxmu

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