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The Devil's Dozen Countdown

Check out the results of the Devil's Dozen each week on the SiriusXM blog.

Devil’s Dozen counts down the top 12 new metal songs each week, hosted by Jose Mangin.

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  • José | email
    Weekdays 9 am – 9pm ET

    Jose ditched pharmacy school for ROCK N ROLL! Since 2000, he's been a passionate program director, creator/host of Octane, Liquid Metal & Ozzy’s Boneyard. A former host/producer of MTV2's Headbangers Ball (2008-2012) & LatiNation TV, he does events for Dean Guitars, Revolver, Jagermeister & Affliction.

  • Ian Christe | email
    Weekends 1 pm – 7 pm ET

    Ian Christe is the author of Sound of the Beast: The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal. He's also been published in Spin, AP, CMJ Monthly, Blender, Metal Maniacs and Guitar World, and his digital metal band, Dark Noerd, features on the Gummo soundtrack alongside Sleep, Bathory and Burzum.

  • Shawn Winkler
    Times vary

    Born and raised in Queens, NY, Shawn discovered his love of metal by 11 and has been a die-hard fan ever since. Despite brain damage from years of headbanging, he graduated from the Institute Of Audio Research and embraced the world of satellite radio, where he went from intern to Liquid Metal DJ.

Liquid Metal
SiriusXM Remembers

Remembering Mario Comesanas

It is with heavy hearts that we here at SiriusXM say farewell to our fellow metal soldier and Liquid Metal host Mario Comesanas. Mario peacefully passed away the evening of June 13 in Jersey City, NJ, due to an aggressive form of leukemia from which Mario was very recently diagnosed with at 30 years young. Our thoughts are with his fiancé, family, friends and fans worldwide.

“Hey everybody this is Jamey from Hatebreed. He was a really great guy. Always looked out for me. Great supporter of Hardcore and Heavy Metal and this is just such a huge loss for the scene. Guys like Mario are few and far between. I'm really just deeply saddened by this. My deepest sympathies to Sirius XM Liquid Metal Listeners and Marios family and close friends, my heart goes out to you.”

Mario started his radio career at Seton Hall’s pirate radio station in New Jersey, then joined the SiriusXM family back in 2002 where he came on as one of the original satellite metal DJs. Since then he’s help spread heavy metal music and, more importantly, hardcore music to a massive audience both on and off the air, through his work with Revolver Magazine and RED Distribution, as well as in his own bands December Aeternalis and more recently Low Road, who just finished recording their debut with Joey Z from Life Of Agony producing.

“This is Joey Z from Life Of Agony. Mario was a genuine caring friend. Most enthusiastic person you'll ever meet. We had the greatest time. He dropped some great, great vocal tracks. He's the type of person that always knew what he wanted, and worked hard to get it. He just left a little too young. From all of us, we love you brother. We'll never forget you.”

Mario’s passion for music, energy, spirit, laugh and attitude towards life, video games and metal will live on forever.

“Mario my brother this is Roger from Agnostic Front. Everything we've done together, musically, that kind of stuff, that’s true brotherhood that lives forever. The Superbowl [of Hardcore], all the bands you love I love, all the great New York bands. Just want to say that your dedication, your commitment, was one of those that stood the test of time. And I could just see you out there, taking a stage dive for Hardcore. For the love of it all man. You’re a good dude brother. God rest your soul.”

Rest In Peace, dear friend. You will be missed and never forgotten. Heaven just got heavier…