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  • Gone Phishin' Weekdays 9 pm ET
    Rebroadcasts Weekdays 2 am ET
    Each weekday, our resident Phish expert Jonathan Schwartz brings you a full concert set from the LivePhish.com archives. You'll hear tons of jams from throughout the band's history.

  • The Weekly Live Stash Fridays 7 pm ET
    Rebroadcasts Saturdays at 12 pm & Sundays at 6 pm ET
    You’re invited to check out our stash of fresh live music. Each week, we unveil some of the best live recordings from your favorite jam bands, all recorded within the last few days. Tune in for a new live stash, brought to you by your host Brad Serling.

  • Roll Your Own Tuesdays 7 pm ET
    Rebroadcasts Thursdays 9 am ET, Saturdays 4 pm ET, Sundays 11 pm ET
    Jam_ON invites listeners to pick a set of their favorite jams and host their very own radio show! To Roll Your Own, send us a message at www.facebook.com/siriusxmjamon, and let us know you want to get on the air.

  • The Jam Files! Mondays 12 pm ET
    Rebroadcasts Wednesdays 7 am, Thursdays 11 pm & Sundays 4 pm ET
    From intimate acoustic sessions to unique electric performances, we have tons of recordings in our archives, and we’re sharing them with you. Tune in for a new installment of the Jam Files –- an archival performance from your favorite Jam_ON artists recorded here at the SiriusXM Studios.

  • Jamtronica Saturdays 12 am ET
    Rebroadcasts Sundays 2 am ET
    Not all jam music uses guitars. On Jamtronica you'll hear another side of things: music that’s improvisational, live and ELECTRONIC!

  • Jonathan Schwartz | email
    Weekdays 4 pm - 10 pm ET
    Saturdays and Sundays 6 pm - 12 am ET
    Schwartz has been a part of the Jam_ON family since its inception. When we let "The General of Jam" out of the studio, he's out seeing live music or dancing to his favorite Grateful Dead live CDs with his two daughters.

  • Stefani Scamardo | email
    Weekdays 10 am - 4 pm ET
    Stefani is not just a DJ but also Founder and President of Evil Teen Records and Hard Head Productions and Management. The company's roster includes Gov't Mule, Warren Haynes, Chris Robinson, Living Colour and DJ Logic. She also produced Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh's There And Back Again.

  • Ari Fink | email
    Saturdays and Sundays 12 pm - 6 pm ET

    SiriusXM Program Director and low-end theorist Ari Fink fell in love with the bass at an early age, playing along to his mom’s Motown records until he was ready for the high school jazz band. A sucker for anything that grooves, Ari’s musical interests stretch across genres and eras, always in search of the *perfect* bassline. Once his PD responsibilities are completed each week, Ari turns up the late-night electro/funk vibes on Jamtronica Friday nights at Midnight ET, and returns to the Jam ON studios to host weekend afternoons 12-6 pm ET on Jam_ON, SiriusXM29.

  • Nick Masi | email
    Saturdays and Sundays 9 am - 12 pm ET
    Jam On host Nick Masi is an avid (and often opinionated) music commentator who also hosts the Brooklyn Vegan portion of SiriusXM U's Blog Radio, and Cover Me on E Street Radio.

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