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  • The Little Steven Sessions Weekdays at 3 am, 11 am, 3 pm & 7 pm ET
    Saturdays 3 am ET
    Join Little Steven, founder and architect of the Underground Garage, as he takes the microphone, focusing on the music, history, philosophy, and lifestyle that is the Underground Garage. He also invites you to be part of the experience with interactive ideas and cool contests. Required listening!

  • The Andrew Loog Oldham Program Weekdays 8 am ET
    Rebroadcasts Weekdays 12 am ET
    Saturdays 4 pm ET
    Rebroadcasts Sunday Noon ET
    The Rolling Stones' original manager and producer provides insights into and anecdotes about the early days of the British invasion. He ties it all together by showing a direct link between those glory days and what's hot at this very moment. Compelling radio!

  • The Mighty Manfred Program Weekdays 12 pm ET The Mighty Manfred has moved to Los Angeles. But don't worry: He's not going Hollywood on us. Besides doing his air-shift, Manfred will continue to tour with the Woggles throughout the course of this year. Usually found "On The Road," he's our own Jack Kerouac.

  • The Kid Leo Program Weekdays 4 pm ET A driving force in making the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland a reality, Kid Leo's show is a shrine for all that Garage Rock represents. Irreverent. Irresistible. Irascible. Iridescent. Oh... those are his suits... but you will take a shine to "The Kid."

  • The Handsome Dick Manitoba Program Weekdays 8 pm ET The former lead singer for The Dictators was named "Best Satellite Radio DJ" by The Village Voice. Manitoba truly is Mr. Manhattan. Hear him take on anything and everybody, every weeknight.

  • The Ko Melina Program Saturdays 8 pm ET
    Rebroadcast Sunday 4 pm ET
    Ko Melina is an important member of the scene in the city which is the "hub" of garage rock activity in America today -- Detroit. She's played with many of the city's most prestigious bands, and hangs with its rock royalty. Stay up with what's going down. Catch Ko!

  • The Kim Fowley Program Saturdays 12 pm ET
    Rebroadcasts Mondays 3 am ET
    A longtime fixture on the Rock and Roll scene, Kim uses every bit of his experience and knowledge to take you on a journey through garage rock's nooks and crannies, his voice emanating from a secret location in the arid desert of California. This show gives new definition to the phrase "far out."

  • Bill Kelly's Blackhole Bandstand Saturdays 8 am ET
    Rebroadcast: Sunday 8 pm ET
    The original garage rock DJ in America rocks the weekend in his inimitable style. He is the Guru of Garage, the Sultan of Surf, the Potentate of Power Pop, the Mountebank of Manhattan, the Black Hole of Rock and Roll.

  • Chris Carter's British Invasion Sunday 9 am ET
    Rebroadcast Monday 12 am ET
    Chris Carter’s British Invasion covers all aspects of the British Invasion, featuring artist interviews as well as hits, album tracks, B-sides, and live recordings from iconic artists including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Mott The Hoople, The Move, The Creation, Oasis and many more.

  • Chicks and Broads First Friday of the month at 10 pm ET On Chicks and Broads, the legendary Genya Ravan highlights some of the great women in rock and roll history.

  • The Drew Carey Show Last Friday of the month at 4 pm ETAmerica’s favorite game show host (The Price is Right) visits the Underground Garage every month to host his wild & wacky Rock ‘n’ Roll show. And…he has a different theme each month. And…YOU can suggest a theme. Just e-mail him. The address: drewcarey@undergroundgarage.com. An off-the-wall experience that can only come from the mind of one of the great comics of our time !!

  • Goldie's Garage Third Friday of the month at 12 am ET On Goldie’s Garage, the legendary Genya Ravan looks for the next great garage band. Genya is the goods!

  • Little Steven Van Zandt | email
    Weekdays 3 am - 4 am; 11 am - 12 am; 3 pm - 4 pm; 7 pm - 8 pm ET
    Saturdays 3 am - 4 am ET
    Steven Van Zandt is an acclaimed songwriter, musician, actor, record producer, DJ, television producer and activist. He is a founding member and producer of the E Street Band, and has produced and written songs for Ronnie Spector, Nancy Sinatra, Jimmy Cliff, Brian Setzer, Darlene Love, and more.

  • Andrew Loog Oldham | email
    Mondays 8 am; Tuesdays - Fridays 12 am; 8 am ET
    Saturdays 12 am - 3 am; 4 pm; Sundays 12 pm ET
    ALO began doing PR for Little Richard, Bob Dylan & The Beatles before managing and producing The Rolling Stones. He also launched England's first indie label, Immediate Records. He then went “out to lunch” for 25 years, and upon his return wrote a 3 volume memoir, STONED, TOO STONED & STONE FREE.

  • The Mighty Manfred | email
    Weekdays 12 pm - 3 pm ET
    The Mighty Manfred is the frontman and driving force behind '80s/'90s garage band the Woggles, founded in Athens, Georgia, who continue to release records and tour worldwide. Periodically he takes his Underground Garage show out on the road, spinning tunes from all across the country on tour.

  • Kid Leo | email
    Weekdays 4 pm - 7 pm ET
    The “Kid” got started at legendary WMMS in Cleveland. Helped make the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a reality. Went on to Columbia Records as VP. Named one of Rolling Stone’s “Heavy Hundred in the Music Industry”. CNN lists him as one of “The Top 10 DJs of All-Time”.

  • Handsome Dick Manitoba | email
    Weekdays 8 pm - 12 am ET
    Handsome Dick Manitoba was lead singer of The Dictators for 30 years. He now occasionally fronts The MC5 and is owner of the world's greatest punk rock bar, Manitoba's, in NYC. The Village Voice named him "The World's Best Satellite Radio DJ," and his son Jake calls him "World's Greatest Father."

  • Ko Melina | email
    Saturdays 8 pm - 12 am ET
    Sundays 4 pm - 8 pm ET
    While bartending at The Garden Bowl in Detroit, Ko Melina helped start the storied Living Room Sessions, which then exposed The White Stripes and Brendan Benson. She's currently part of the fierce fuzz bass attack of the Dirtbombs, named one of the "Top 10 Live Bands" on the planet by Spin Magazine.

  • Kim Fowley | email
    Mondays 3 am - 7 am ET
    Saturdays 12 pm - 4 pm ET
    Acclaimed producer Kim Fowley began by assisting Alan Freed and has produced records for The Runaways, The Modern Lovers, Gene Vincent and Warren Zevon. He's written songs for The Byrds, The Beach Boys, Cat Stevens, and more, and his band, The Hollywood Argyles, recorded the classic "Alley Oop."

  • Bill Kelly | email
    Saturdays 8 am - 12 pm ET
    Sundays 8 pm - 12 am ET
    Bill Kelly, legendary "Guru of the Garage," began his radio career in 1969. (Little Steven has said that Bill's original show inspired him to get involved in broadcasting.) The self-proclaimed "Black Hole of Rock and Roll" is a long-avid collector and authority on obscure '60s garage rock music.

  • Chris Carter | email
    Sundays 9 am - 12 pm ET
    Mondays 12 am - 3 am ET
    Chris Carter's music criticism has appeared in the L.A. Times, CREEM, BAM and the L.A. Reader. He is president of QM Management and a recognized Beatles expert by ABC, NBC, CBS and Entertainment Tonight. He also co-founded Dramarama and produced the acclaimed film, Mayor of the Sunset Strip.

  • Genya Ravan | email
    First Friday of the Month 10 pm - 11 pm ET
    Third Friday of the Month 12 am - 1 am ET
    Genya Ravan escaped a WWII concentration camp as a child and came to America full of piss and vinegar. In the '60s she formed the very FIRST all-girl band, Goldie & the Gingerbreads, signed by Ahmet Ertegun to Atlantic Records. She has since produced the Dead Boys, Tiny Tim and Kool & the Gang.

  • Drew Carey
    Last Friday of the month at 4 pm ET
    Drew Carey is a stand-up comic turned actor and producer who had the distinction of having two hit shows simultaneously: the long-running comedy The Drew Carey Show, which ran from 1995-2004 and the improv/sketch show Whose Line Is It Anyway?. In July 2007, Carey was named the host of The Price is Right, succeeding longtime host Bob Barker. Follow Carey on twitter @DrewFromTV and @TPIRhost.

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