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  • 70s-Alice Cooper Picks The MOST SHOCKING '70s Hits Thurs 4/24 12:00 pm ET One of the founding fathers of Shock Rock, will star in an upcoming documentary called Super Duper Alice Cooper coming to theaters May 31st. In celebration of the first ever ‘Doc Opera’, Alice Cooper presents a list of the Most SHOCKING ‘70s Hits’ on SiriusXM 70s on 7. The Seventies were jam-packed with songs that broke barriers, scared, infuriated, and to Cooper’s pleasure…even shocked an older generation. Sparks fly as Rock Hall of Fame member Alice rattles your mind with his favorites.

  • Magic Matt Alan Weekdays 6 am ET
    Saturdays 2:15 pm ET
    "Magic" Matthew Alan is a professional magician appearing at countless events and fundraisers for his greatest cause: Children’s Hospitals. He's also an internationally renowned cigar expert with a quick wit, sharp tongue, and (hopefully) funny punch line. "Ladies 'n Doberman..." it’s Magic Matt!

  • Jaybeau Jones Sundays - Fridays 12 pm ETA radio veteran of New York, Chicago, Boston, Philly, and Hartford, CT, Jaybeau says, "True happiness is playing 'Boogie Oogie Oogie' by A Taste Of Honey and 'Long Train Runnin'' by The Doobie Brothers."

  • JJ Walker Sunday - Friday 6 pm ET
    Saturdays 6 am ET
    Join JJ Walker for '70s fun, with non-stop '70s cranked up LOUD, as well as the occasional Pop Quiz, his sister Arlene's Bad Joke of The Night, Facebook shout-outs, and YOU on his "Right On Lines." Call 877-747-4967!

  • Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 – The 70s Saturdays 12 pm ET
    Rebroadcasts Sundays 9 am, Mondays 12 am ET
    The “King of the Countdowns” is back with the music countdown show that became the worldwide gold standard. Hear authentic '70s time capsules from Casey, unlocked from the vaults and remastered, as he reminds us to “keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!”

  • "Magic" Matt Alan | email
    Weekdays 6 am - 12 pm ET
    Saturdays 2:15 pm - 9 pm ET
    "Magic" Matt Alan started in show biz at the tender age of 10, swallowing razor blades for an audience of Boy Scouts. At age 12, Matt became America's youngest talk show host. He's a lover of the good life, whether it's a well-marbled Cajun rib eye steak, a fine cigar or a perfectly shaken martini.

  • Jaybeau Jones | email
    Sundays - Fridays 12 pm - 6 pm ET
    From a gig in Worcester, MA at 16, to programming in Boston, Chicago, and Hartford, CT, Jaybeau Jones can't seem to shake the love of radio! Author of Heroes Mentors and Friends (Balboa Press), Jaybeau lists HIS heroes as his kids Jordan and Matthew, as well as his sweetheart Heidi … also a DJ! 

  • JJ Walker | email
    Sunday - Friday 6 pm ET
    Saturdays 6 am ET
    Fun-lovin' JJ Walker loves entertaining listeners with wall-to-wall, commercial-free '70s hit music. For decades, he rocked radio stations in NYC, Miami, Detroit, Philly, D.C. and K.C. He hates sushi, can’t recall being abducted by aliens, but has vivid memories of his 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger.

  • Casey Kasem | email
    Saturdays 12 pm ET
    Sundays 9 am ET
    Mondays 12 am ET
    Kasem's friendly, "crackling" voice style has taken him all the way to the top. He's featured in the Radio Hall of Fame, has his own star on Hollywood Boulevard and has received multiple awards, including two for Lifetime Achievement and the first ever Radio Icon award at the Radio Music Awards.

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