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Ben Barto, Jim Lee and Jason Kaplan

Comic Con 2014 - The Stern Show Strikes Back

Mark it down: 2014 is the year the Howard Stern Show (or at least a decent chunk of it) goes to the San Diego Con!

Gary "Baba Booey" Dell'Abate, JD "Da Bad Ass" Harmeyer, Richard Christy, Sal Governale, Jon Hein, Jason Kaplan, Ralph Cirella, Steve Brandano and more will be all over The Convention Center and the Gas Lamp District Thursday through Saturday.


The Wrap Up Show will air live Friday and Saturday, 2-4 pm ET

GEEKTIME! will air live Friday and Saturday, 4-6 pm ET


On Saturday, Gary, JD, Richard, Sal and more will be signing autographs at the Entertainment Earth Booth in the Convention Center. Click here for more info.


San Diego is a big place. But fortunately, our staff are pretty big people themselves.  If you see JD, Gary or anyone else from the show in the Convention Center or walking around San Diego, take a pic, use the hashtag #HowardCon, and post it!

Are you going as a Stern Show character? We want to see!  Send us the pic using -- say it all together now -- #HowardCon!

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