Our internship program will provide you with an opportunity to combine your hard earned book learning with some necessary real world experience. SiriusXM offers one of the most hands-on programs specifically designed to make use of the talent and motivation in every intern. We offer a multitude of exciting opportunities for our interns, from the broadcast booth to behind-the-scenes and everything in between.

Our internships are unpaid and for credit only. You will be asked to provide proof of enrollment at an accredited U.S. based college or university and documentation that you will receive credit for the internship. Positions generally require 20-40 hours/week.


Our Summer program runs 12 weeks, and the Fall and Spring programs are 15 weeks long. Resumes will be accepted and interviewing will begin 2-3 months prior to the start of the program.

  • Summer Program:

    June – August
    recruiting begins in March

  • Fall Program:

    September – December
    recruiting begins in June

  • Spring Program:

    January – May
    recruiting begins in October

Required Skills

Each position has different requirements, so please review the job descriptions carefully and apply to the position(s) that you would like to be considered for. Basic computer skills, professionalism, a passion for learning and a positive attitude are a must for anyone being considered.

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